1. Our azalea bushes are blooming. So pretty.

2. Beware of science experiment 12.3. It is extremely painful (We had to hold a strip of aluminum foil to both ends of a battery. No one warned us that it would hurt!). The textbook said "...the voltage and the current would be too low to cause you serious harm." Serious harm?! So they're implying that you may get harmed, but not seriously?! Come on... (My rant is over)

3. Tomorrow I'm heading to Shawnee, just outside of Oklahoma City, for part two of a piano competition. Wish me luck!

4. I've babysat three nights this week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night) and I'm babysitting again tonight. Busy busy!

5. I dreamed about depth of field last night. I suppose that means I think more about photography that I thought I did!

6. Lilly is such a stinker. This is what went on between the two of us this morning:

Lilly: "I like jumping on the trampoline with you."

Me: "Why do you like it? I like jumping with you too."

Lilly: "Because."

Me: "Why?" 

Lilly: "Because."

Me: "Why?" (Ha. I think I was starting to get annoying.)

Lilly: Throws hands up in the air "Because 'because' is not an answer!"

Okay, then. Because is not an answer.

7. MeMe cracks me up too. She told me a few days ago, "You know when you see me coming with a stick it's not going to be pretty."

(For the record, she never did anything to anyone with her stick)

8. I am officially in love with spring. Not that you didn't, ahem, already know.

Happy Friday!