fathers' day

(Jeremiah was more into it than my dad. Ha.)

(I know...I probably need to put up a picture of my dad and me...but being the photographer, I don't have any. Unless you want OLD pictures :))

"Anyone can be a dad...but it takes a special man to be a father."
Author Unknown

Today is Fathers' Day. My dad celebrated his 25th year as a That's a lot of years of parenting. 

My church youth group did a car wash fundraiser that's what I did most of the morning, after attending our early church service. I have so much soap in my hair ;) After church, we came home for a cookout. We had steak, burgers, salad, and chips (Or rather, my family had steak and burgers. Meat makes my stomach churn.) with a Bavarian cream pastry for dessert. 

We gave my dad Hostess Fudge Brownies, powered sugar donuts, and chocolate. That may seem a bit odd to you, but there's a little story behind all the junk food :) During the time my mom worked and my dad stayed home with us (about 1997-2005), my dad would always buy powdered sugar donuts and Fudge Brownies for us to eat. Around the time my mom quit working, she got more into natural eating - and "banned" the sugary food, much to my dad's dismay. My mom decided to lift the ban temporarily  for Fathers' Day. 

I digress.

Edited to add: My brother reminded me in the comments that he wrote my dad a really sweet poem. :)

Happy Father's Day, Dad. Thanks for being so great!

What did you do for your dad today?