summer means...

playing with hoses. Although, when I took this photo I was watering plants...but I may have managed to get myself quite wet. ;)
lemonade stands. MeMe has a summer Girls''s activity was selling lemonade. They made $21.15 within two hours! Now they're trying to decide which charity to donate the money to...good for them :)

bees buzzing lethargically from flower to flower. There's nothing I love more than lying outside listening to bees flitting around, birds chirping in trees, and the occasional airplane flying overhead. Ahh. 

grilling. I absolutely adore the smell of sizzling meat combined with the charcoal. Nothing says summer like that does!

lots and lots (and lots) of swimming. MeMe is learning to swim this summer...and Lilly, wanting to do everything her big sister does, is trying to learn too :)

What does summer mean for you?