happiness is...

Holy chipmunks, people! (Yes, I just made that up.) There were seven link ups last week! Great job :) Could we try to top that? It's all up to you! So, I'm keeping Happiness Is open, but I've decided if there are less than 5 links two weeks in a row, I'm going to close it for an undecided amount of time. Mmkay?

This week has been really rough, so this is just what I need - to find the bright side of the past few days.

Won't you play along? Just write a post with two things (or for you rebels, more than two things) that made you happy this week, then come back here and link up. Oh, and grab the button too :)

Happiness Is...

Happiness is...

...an unexpected trip to Texas. Even though it's under sad circumstances, it's great to catch up with old friends.

(Regarding the photo, I was playing with long exposures. It was taken during our long drive yesterday, as the sun was rising)

...homemade apple pie. Well, in this case it's McDonalds. Bought and eaten yesterday during a stop in our drive, if you must know. It was still good ;)

What has made you happy this week? Link up and let me know! (If you don't have a blog you can let me know in the comments)

Have fun :)