et cetera

I'd like to thank y'all for your wonderfully sweet words on my last post. You comforted me more that you'll ever know. I'm still reeling with shock, and to know that you're all praying for his and my family means a lot to me. 

Yesterday, I needed a distraction from all of this, so I grabbed my camera and went outside. The sound of the shutter clicking was almost therapeutic. I could feel myself getting a bit better with each shot. Photography soothes me so. When I'm taking pictures, it's like I'm lost in my own little world, capturing God's beauty. I'm so very thankful that He has given me this talent (I'm sorry if that sounded that like I was bragging, I truly don't mean to!).

What soothes you?

I'm still planning on putting up a Happiness Is post tomorrow, along with a linky. I hope you play along ;)


PS I'm sorry if none of this really makes's 4:01 am right now (although, I'm scheduling this and you'll see it a couple hours from now.), and I'm still not quite awake...we're leaving for our trip in an hour.