(5) tips to better photography: food

No, I don't have a reason for putting the 5 in parentheses. I just thought it looked cool ;)

Haven't heard enough about food photography lately on my blog? Well buckle up and hang on for the ride - you're about to hear about it more! ;)

On my crazy, random, food-filled post a few days ago, many of you said that I take such great pictures of food. (Aww, thanks! Y'all make me blush :))
I thought I'd share a few of my tips...with a little guidance, anyone can take photos (and I don't mean that to sound like I'm bragging) like me...or even better ones!

1. good lighting. This is probably the most important thing - the one that either makes or breaks a photo. Natural lighting is best. I go into our sunroom and take most of my food shots there on a small table in front of the biggest panel of glass. I realize you may not have a sunroom, but I recommend lugging your dish outside to get the best shots. If you're too lazy (and I've done this before, don't worry :)), try going right by a window.
Just make sure - that whenever you're taking pictures outside - to not get directly in the sunlight, which washes out colors and doesn't make food look appetizing.

2. no flash. Oh gosh. Next to good lighting, this is second most important thing. DO NOT, under any circumstances, USE YOUR ON CAMERA FLASH. Don't don't don't. This is one of my biggest pet peeves - when people use their on camera flash just because the camera has it. 99.9 percent of the time, it does not enhance a photo. Just like in direct sunlight, it washes out the subject - but it looks even worse, since it's artificial light. I think I've used the flash on my camera once or twice. Really.

3. get creative with angles. Get up and close with the food. Experiment with different positions. The picture doesn't always have to be taken from above!  I often handhold the plate I have the food on and move it around to make it a bit easier to snap the saves me from getting down on the floor ;)

4. make the food look pretty. How can your photos be good ones if the food presentation is awful? Go the extra mile and place the food on the dish so it's not broken, etc. Try your best to arrange it a little artfully. And if there are smudged bits of food on the plate (even if it only happened 10 seconds ago), wipe it off.

5. simple backgrounds. Have very, very simple backgrounds. If your camera can do it, blur out anything that doesn't have to do with the food. If you take a picture in a crowded, cluttered place, the food is not the star. And you want the food to be the star, don't you? Focus entirely on your dish. (And by "dish" I don't mean the plate, bowl, etc :))

(I know I've posted these photos of the pig ice cream sandwich before, but I had to do it again. It's just so darn cute!)

Let me know if you have any questions :)

Happy food photography-ing!