i have gorgeous sisters.

 Yesterday I was craving photography. Since we've gotten back from Germany, life has been an absolute whirlwind. No relaxing and getting adjusted to the new time zone for us! I was so busy with everything going on, I put photography on a back burner.

But? I really missed it. Really, really missed it.

MeMe had twenty minutes before she had to leave for ballet, so I dragged both MeMe and Lilly outside for a little photo shoot yesterday afternoon. And with each click of the shutter, I felt better and better.


(I'm serious. Before taking the above photo, Lilly said, "Dude. Take my picture. Seriously." And then proceeded to pucker up her lips and formed her fingers into a peace sign. Something tells me she's going to be even more trouble when she's older. ;))


I know I'm biased, but, dang,  I have some amazingly gorgeous sisters.  I'm so jealous of Lilly's skin. And eyelashes. I adore the color of MeMe's eyes and her hair is beautiful.

Do y'all notice anything different around here? Yep, instead of pastors-girl.blogspot.com, it's now pastorsgirlsponderings.com! It's still in the process of transitioning (it can take up to three days before it's available all over the internet), but it's coming along nicely :) After it's finished transitioning, it'll automatically redirect anyone that arrives at pastors-girl.blogspot.com to my current URL. I've updated my blog button as well to the correct URL. If you could grab the button with the correct address, that'd be great. When you visit my blog from now on, just type "pastorsgirlsponderings.com" instead of my old one. When you're on the new URL, my followers gadget will work, but while it's still transitioning, the gadget won't work on my old URL. I've been planning this change for quite a while...exciting stuff, guys!

Does this make me a total geek? I mean, I'm getting excited over a URL change. Man. I really have no life.

Oh, and I cleaned up my sidebars a bit...I finally figured out how to separate the various gadgets in my sidebars with horizontal lines. I think it looks so much better now...what do you think?


PS Thank you all on your input yesterday on my lens decision! I was originally leaning toward the 55-200mm lens, but now I'm thinking the prime might be better right now. I'll let you know what I decide :)