miscellaneous ramblings

Edit 7:28pm 10/14: I'm in the midst of changing something about my blog (what it is, you'll know soon :)), so the follower gadget may not be working for some of you right now. Sorry! It should be back to normal soon. :)

1. laughing is the best exercise. It's true! We recently visited some good friends and I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. It was one of those moments when one person starts laughing for no reason, the others laugh because the face he makes while laughing is hilarious, he laughs at the others...it just goes around and around. (If an English professor read that last sentence I'm sure they would have a cow. Not my finest grammar moment.) I was seriously laying on the floor, unable to stop myself from cracking up. While we were all laughing, Louis decided it would be a great idea to take pictures of everyone in mid snort. Which resulted in several extremely unflattering, but hilariously funny, photos. Thanks Lou ;)
And now? My stomach is so sore. If I could get a six pack just from laughing, that'd be my kind of exercise.

When was the last time you laughed so hard tears came to you eyes? :)

2. chocolate makes me happy. I've been noshing on the many bars of chocolate I brought back from Germany. Yum. Me and chocolate, we get along real well. Especially chocolate with hazelnuts. Which is pretty much Nutella in solid form. Is there anything better than that? I think not. 

the feeling is mutual
3. bliss. For both me and the kitten, Jasper. Oh, and please excuse my freakishly large hands...Jasper, being so tiny, accentuates that fact ;)

4. lenses: 35mm vs 55-200mm. I'm in the market for getting another lens...right now I just have the one that came with my camera, the 18-55mm. While eventually I'd love to get both, I'm looking to get just one at this time. I'm heard such wonderful things about the 35mm, like the shallow depth of field and how wonderful it is for portraits. As for the 55-200mm, I've heard great things about it too. I love that it has a fairly large range...it would be perfect for those times when I wish my lens could get closer to the subject.

But do I really want another zoom lens so soon? Should I go with the prime lens first instead? Your opinions would be great appreciated!

5. i've been craving photography. Is that even possible? But really. After getting back from Germany, it seemed that my workload increased times ten. Which it did, because even though I had two classes in Germany, that was all I had to do. Now...I have to actually deal with life. Slowly but surely, I've been cutting back on my computer time.
Anyway, I've really been craving photography. I want to get out in the beautiful golden light, grab a couple of siblings, and shoot away. But I haven't quite gotten around to do that. I should schedule a time when I can just go outside and snap away. After all, isn't photography art? This idea is sounding better and better by the minute ;)

overlooking the seine

6. my paris photos. I'm still going through them. It's insane. Once I finish wading my way through the never ending sea of pictures, I'm going to have some printed and then hang them around my room. I love the feeling of being surrounded by photos I've taken...it's so great.

Happy Thursday!