introducing "on cloud nine"

(aka the new and improved version of Happiness Is)

To tell you the truth, I had gotten rather sick of Happiness Is. I didn't really like the name, and it was rather superficial, in my eyes at least. I was listing what made me happy, after all! So, I've now shut down Happiness Is, and instead...

Tadaaaa! I proudly present to you "On Cloud Nine", my new and improved blog hop!

"On Cloud Nine" is more photography oriented. If you're on cloud nine, as you know, you're filled with joy. So, just put up a post containing a photo that makes you happy, joyful, exuberant...something that warms your heart or tells a happy story. Something that puts you on cloud nine. You can add as much or as little text along with the photo as you would like. After writing your post, come back here to link up - you have until Thursday at 11:59pm CST to do so (it will close at the same time every week). Don't forget to grab the above button for your post! :)

There may be a for example, I would start out as the judge and pick my favorite photo from everyone who linked up. Then the person I chose to be the winner would judge for the following week, so on and so forth. What do you think? Let me know if that's something you want to do!

A few weeks ago, many of you voted on a poll regarding which direction Happiness Is should take. The majority of you asked to have a separate photography blog hop. While I don't think I can commit to hosting two blog hops each week, I will hold a photography contest once or twice a month. Sound fair?

Here's my photo for this week.

colorful leaf

I loved the perfect shape of this leaf and its beautiful, bright colors. Remember when I decided to embrace fall? Well, I'm not just embracing it anymore. I'm completely head over heels in love. I. adore. it. I want to bake epic amounts of cookies with cinnamon in them. And throw leaves in the air while dancing around.
Aren't all you autumn people proud of me? ;)

Happy photo-taking!


PS I'm trying a thumbnail linky this time...excited to see how it goes! Oh, and stay tuned for the other change that's coming to my blog :)