scenes from the farmer's market.

alternatively titled: I love food photography.


It's early mornings at the farmer's market that make me remember why I love food photography so much.

farmer's market
speckled egg

Raw foods are my favorite to photograph, food in its purest form.


Often fresh from the garden, dirt still clinging to its crevices, it can't get any fresher.


The colors are astounding, from deep plums to red so bright it seems to be painted on.

While I classify myself as a lifestyle photographer, taking pictures of food will always have a special place in my heart.


I love everything about it, from the challenging aspect of making food look delicious to styling and arranging to capturing the beauty.

fresh vegetables

Also, I need your opinion. Watermarking: yay or nay? Part of me would feel more comfortable having my stamp on my photographs to (somewhat) prevent stealing and the other part of me thinks it's a bit tacky. The photos from this post are the first I've added a watermark  what are your thoughts?