road tripping [part ii]

The fifth day of camping, exploring, and cross-crossing through the state has drawn to a close, and I'm perfectly complacent. Blogging while sitting under a waning New Mexico sky (those of you that guessed this beautiful state as our next stop were right!), the sunset silhouetting the Rocky Mountains, is an experience I haven't had before, and likewise an experience I'm not likely to forget.

It's funny, I haven't been missing the internet as much as I though I would. On the contrary, I'm rather enjoying time away from electronic distractions and just being with family instead. Though I'm not complaining about having wifi at this campground in Taos, it's nice to be away.

In the five days we've been traveling around, I've learned much about this beautiful state, like the following.

rocky mountains

[one] We rolled into New Mexico yesterday. You'd think I'd be accustomed to wide, open spaces, with only fences here and there to break up the land, but the area we drove through was unlike anything I'd ever seen. The road seemed to stretch for miles and miles on end; except for the occasional abandoned ramshackle homes, there was nothing in the vast prairie.

new mexico sky
eating watermelon

[two] Everything tastes better outside. Whether it's wedges of watermelon or an ice cream sandwich, nothing rivals eating out in the fresh air.

ice cream sandwich2
ice cream sandwich

[three] Seeing "The Shadow of the Cross" in person was breathtaking. A seemingly normal painting of Jesus with the lights on, it is transformed in the darkness. A cross appears over Jesus' left shoulder, the painting glows, and Jesus becomes three-dimensional.

ranchos de taos

Though I didn't see it, some also see the water of the Sea of Galilee moving, as well as Jesus' robe flowing. You can read more about the painting here; the fact that the second part of the painting simple appeared and was not made is astonishing.

DSC_0127 (2)

[four] Taos is one of the most beautiful cities. Ever. True, I've traipsed through the streets of Paris, weaved my way through many a town in Europe, but there's something special about this town.


Adobe styled buildings surround you, making even the tackiest shop seem not quite so cheesy. The atmosphere is sublime, from the sounds of street musicians to the smell of food.

turquoise and lace
DSC_0184 (2)

[five] The color turquoise is everywhere. The shades vary from cerulean to deep azure and they're everywhere from window frames to the stunning sky. I can't get enough of it, y'all.

chippy window

I love New Mexico. And vacations. And road trips. And life.