announcing red currant

It all started with an email in early August. After the initial excitement and anticipation, the following weeks passed in a flurry of preparation and activity, photoshoots and laughter, late nights and web designing. In what seems like much longer but has really only been seven weeks, this collaboration between my dear friend Meg and me has blossomed from simply an idea into reality. And we couldn't be more excited.

We're so pleased to announce the grand opening of Red Currant, an online clothing store for women. Featuring modern pieces with a vintage flair, we believe that style is more than just clothing -- it's an art, an intricately woven tapestry of your life. So why should you live your life in ordinary, boring clothes?
Each piece in the shop is unique and carefully selected, because, after all, we only want the best for our customers.
coco, styled
It's funny, putting together this launch felt like the preparation for the birth of a baby. But in a way, Red Currant is our baby. It's been nurtured and nursed, had countless hours spent working on it -- and now it's born. Tiny and exciting and new. 

 And as a little grand opening special, if you like our facebook page, you're automatically entered in a drawing to win a 50% off coupon code. Don't miss your chance to get half off of anything!

Our labor of love, Red Currant, is finally here and we're so glad. Go on, visit the shop and tell us what you think!

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