love, me

Dear blue skies,
your clear, cerulean loveliness never fails to reel me in. And when you're almost as blue as New Mexico skies...well, consider me a goner. This summer, Oklahoma weather had me begging for mercy -- I'm so glad it's been able to prove me wrong and put an end to my complaining. And fall fashions? I'm all over them.


Dear fall fashions,
After a long, hot summer, it makes me giddy to be able to wear chunky knit sweaters and boots. Stay awhile, why don't you?
p.s. I'm really loving all the stripes and colors for this fall.

Dear blog designing,
I guess you could say we have a love-hate relationship. You frustrate me sometimes, but creating something I'm completely happy with makes up for the frustrating feeling. (thoughts on the new design?)


Dear snail mail,
you make me so incredibly happy, as do sweet friends who send letters filled with all sorts of lovelies (aren't those bracelets she sent me just perfect?). I suppose my love for the postal service and hand written letters is one of the reasons for the format of this post ;)

Dear Germany,
I miss you. And my family there. A year ago today we had just arrived -- I can't believe so much time has already passed. I'll come back soon, promise.


Dear sunsets,
will you marry me?


Dear family,
I love you. Even if it does take twenty minutes to take a group shot;) Thank you so much for always putting up with me and loving me through everything. You're the best family a girl could ask for.


Dear resident monkey,
you're cute. Can I keep you?

Dear readers,
you're amazing. That is all.


p.s. credit for this lovely idea goes to hannah; while I try to be original and come up with my own ideas as a blogger (although being original in blogging is really purely hypothetical, but that's beside the point ;)), but I loved this idea too much not to use it. hope you don't mind, hannah!