things to be happy about, v.i

I'm giving myself exactly one hour tonight to put together a post. Including formatting and editing photos. Usually my posts are formulated gradually throughout the day; I'm so hyperactive on the internet, jumping from site to site. I'm working on learning the virtue of staying on task, ahem. We'll see how well this goes.

Ready, set, go.


On Wednesdays, I step out of the library exactly at twilight. The colors blend and fade together seamlessly, forming hues I can't even begin to describe and creating a background for a sliver of moon.  I just stand there and take it all in, feeling impossibly small against the vastness. The sky is one of those things that's taken for granted far too often. The sun rises in flaming brilliancy each day, swirling and blending crimson and sherbet and magenta and slips below the horizon at dusk only to repeat its cycle the next day. It's a comforting thought, that it's ever-constant, rising and setting even if no one watches.

Inspired by the book 14,000 Things To Be Happy About, I'm starting a whenever-I-feel-like-it series called none other than Things To Be Happy About. Just a list of things to be happy about, big or small. Here's the first one.

the sun streaming through the windows, settling in warm pools of light and seeping through cracks and crevices // comforting a sobbing little girl until her crying slows to hiccups // the way your breath swirls around your head like smoke on a cold day // listening to your favorite song on repeat and not getting tired of it // looking at pictures that bring back happy memories // the knowledge that the dawn of a new day brings a fresh slate // the sky, period 

What are some that you're happy about?


ps i have now discovered that it's possible to write a post in forty minutes. awesome.