coming home

It goes like this: one moment you're sitting in a hotel room in Belgium, eating croissants in bed as warm sunlight slowly spreads through the city, and the next moment you're walking into your house for the first time in two months and it's sad and wonderful at the same time. It's a curious thing, coming home. When you're away so long, you forget what being home feels like and it's a good feeling to reacquaint yourself with. You find yourself noticing the little things that you don't normally notice, like the way the colors blend together in the bathroom in the pale early morning light and the novelty of having a room to yourself again. Then the next day rolls around and you find yourself scribbling todo lists on the back of college admission letters and unpacking and it all feels so...right. And I think at that moment, when you're at home again doing blissfully simple tasks and missing adventure but enjoying yourself inspite of it all, that's when you're truly home.

And to close, a little video action from our trip, from the beach to the ranch to bicycling and everything in between...

music by jack johnson // do you remember